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  • Turbinedar Machinery Company is manufacturing various types of heat exchangers:

1) Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Manufacturing of these heat exchangers varies according to its application and capacity. It can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steels, titanium, Inconel, and others. Manufacturing is done by the following standards:      TEMA, ASTM, DIN, ASME, ISO
  • Welding will be inspected by professional inspector with international degrees in all stages. PT, MT, UT, RT and hydrostatic tests will be done.

2) Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Gasket plate heat exchanger was introduced in 1930 for the food industries because of easy maintenance and cleaning. Gasket plate heat exchanger design was improved in 1960 by the improvements of plate design, plate’s and gasket’s material. After these improvements plate heat exchangers was introduced in other industries. Plate heat exchanger’s heating area can be differed by adding or removing plates, therefore gasket plate heat exchangers can be used instead of shell and tube heat exchangers for liquid-liquid or gas-liquid heating in low pressures.

Plate heat exchanger advantages are as followed:

  • Heating area is easily accessible and can be changed by adding plates according to process conditions
  • Heat exchange is done by higher efficiency and heat transfer coefficient is higher because of low hydraulic diameter and high turbulence
  • Because of compact plates, the required space is lower than other heat exchangers
  • During maintenance, plates can be replaced easily. Also, installation is quicker than other heat exchangers


  • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries
  • Water and wastewater industries
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical and mineral industries
  • Construction industries (home and power plants)

Download Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger English Questionnaire

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Download plate Heat Exchanger English Questionnaire

Download plate Heat Exchanger Farsi Questionnaire

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