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  • Crystallization is the main process in food, mineral and chemical industries. Crystals are formed from liquor by the crystallizer. Turbinedar Machinery Company designs and manufactures crystallizer by the mean of domestic engineering and technologies that bought from European companies.
  • Crystallizers usually operate on vacuum pressure with the mixer. There are two types of crystallizer, continuous and non continuous. Vacuum pan system and cooling crystallizer system are the essential mean for forming crystals from condensed liquor. These systems were first introduced by VKT Company and manufactured in Iran for the first time by Turbinedar Company.

Advantages of the mentioned systems are listed as below:

  • High capacity with equal crystal sizes
  • Continuous crystallization in large scale
  • Minimum operation and maintenance costs
  • Energy saving, low vapor requirement and low cost
  • 2 blade for low volume operation and better distribution of massecuite
  • Possible stage adding in order to increase production
  • Outside installation

Other Turbinedar’s Company crystallizers systems are:

  • Natural Circulation system


  • Forced Circulation System


  • Mentioned systems are used to produce chemical, mineral and salt crystals with respect to energy saving. They can be made in one-step or multi-step.



    • Food industries (sugar and salt)
    • Chemical industries
    • Mineral industries
    • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries
    • Pharmaceutical industries

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