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  • Vacuum disk filters are on of common vacuum filters. These equipments are contained of disks that are placed in rotary case. The disks are formed by joining the paddles.
  • Vacuum disks filter high amount of volume in compact space. These filters can supply filtration area of 1.8 to 315 m2 according to disks size and number. Disks are made of fabric or ceramic.  Vacuum disk filter is fully automatic machine with micrometer screens to separate solid and liquid phase. Vacuum disk filter includes:
  • Ceramic or fabric disks
  • Chassis
  • Mixer
  • Vacuum system
  • Discharge system
  • Control unit

Vacuum disk filter principle of operation is as followed:

  • In the slurry storage tank, a layer of cake is formed on the disk by vacuum force and liquid phase will be gone through distributor valve and then will be discharged. In the next stage, cake can be washed by water jet. Then cake will be dewatered by the vacuum force and the end cake will be discharged by blades in the non vacuum section. Before repeating these stages, the disks will be washed by high pressure water jets. After a predefined period, the disk should be washed by ultrasonic and dilute acid to achieve the best efficiency.



  • Water and wastewater industries
  • Food industries
  • Mineral industries (copper, zinc, iron, aluminum, coal, potassium, lead)


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