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  • Pusher centrifugal has been designed for continuous dewatering and separating materials (fibers, crystals and powders). Principle operation of this centrifugal is as followed. When slurry feed to the centrifuge, it distributed evenly on centrifuge basket by distributor. Separated solid phase can be washed by water jet. Dewatering is done by centrifuge force. Solid phase will be transmitted through the centrifuge and discharged, by reciprocating movement of basket.
  • For design optimization, the propulsion hydraulic system is used that besides smoothing operation, it reduced noise and depreciation. Turbinedar produced 1–stage and 2-stage pusher centrifuge types with 2-20 ton per hour capacity.



  • Drying and separating of solid material without damaging the input fibers and crystals
  • Continuous process of separation
  • Washing the outer layer of fiber and crystal
  • low space requirement
  • Low repairing cost and energy consumption
  • Controlling moisture of cake
  • Low waste


  • Food industries (edible salt, salt washing, powders)
  • Medical industries (medical salt, soap, pharmaceutical powders, glycerin)
  • Chemical industries (plastic, PVC, fertilizer, cellulose…)
  • Petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Mineral industries

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