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  • Peeler centrifugal is one of batch type centrifuges with a slotted basket which is covered by a media. Slurry will be dewatered quickly and discharged, though solid phase will be remained on the media. The cake will be discharged by a paddle that rotates in the basket. It is possible to wash the cake before discharging. The peeler centrifuges will be used if it was needed to achieve maximum dewatering or when slurries are hard to separate because of density.
  • When basket rotates at maximum speed, inlet valve will be opened automatically and allowed the slurry to enter basket. Liquid phase will be discharged through the media by the centrifuge force, while the solid phase (cake) will be remained on the media in the basket. In the predefined time, the inlet valve will be closed. After that in the dewatering process, the cake will be washed by the wash liquid. When the washing is done, dewatering will be continued until the cake is dried. Now discharge will be started by the rotation of paddle and the cake will be discharged through the hopper.


  • The peeler centrifugal is used for continuous operation to separate the slurries that contains solids with the size of 0.01 mm – 5 mm. It can be used for separation of slurries with 10 % – 60 % of the fibers (4 mm and less). Peeler centrifugal types can be automated. Different processes can be controlled automatically by PLC control system. The paddle is fit with the process materials; therefore it has a wide range of application in different industries. Peeler centrifugal is used for the following industries:
  • Ammonia sulfate, sodium sulfate, anthracite, boric acid, starch, pesticides, sodium cyanide, potassium chloride, sodium bi-carbonate, synthetic resins and etc.

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