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  •  Batch centrifugal are used to separate solids from liquid. Full automatic types will discharge dry solids automatically. Operation principle of this centrifuge is as followed:
  • Feed will enter the centrifuge by opening of inlet valve, after that centrifuge will gradually increase rotation speed. Crystals will wash with water or steam in different stages, if it is necessary. At the end, discharge starts automatically with opening of below discharge valve. And this cycle will be repeated. In the full automatic systems the centrifuge has control commands and will work without human interference. Centrifuges can be controlled remotely.
  • One of the advantages for this centrifuge type is that it can be stopped or done dewatering in predefined speed or time. Also, the system has the capability for installing AC motor with speed control system to improve material quality and lowering production costs. We can install regenerative system on the centrifuge to regenerate energy and saving the consumption power.
  • The selected motor consumes lower power based on the new design. Therefore, with higher efficiency, we consume less power and it doesn’t effect on power system. The centrifuge is equipped with the disk brake that operates automatically on emergency situations. The sequence of process for this type could be set by application.

Applications  :

  • Food industries (Sugar)
  • Starch, glucose and dextrose industries
  • Chemical and mineral industries (CaCO3, Na2SO4, Citric acid)
  • Water and wastewater industries


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